Regardless of these facts, couples can do a lot of things to make sex a pleasurable experience for the woman and ensure that she is not being deprived of that intense "sensation".

Here are some helpful hints that can help a woman reach the peak of pleasure during sex.
Unraveling the Secrets behind the Female Orgasm

A lot of the things we encounter on a day to day basis have certain implications on sex. People had become very open when it comes to sex that even ordinary things seem to have a correlation with it.

However, the secrets to female orgasms remain a mystery among people. Even medical experts find it hard to explain or define in a specific manner how a woman's sexual encounter really is.

Furthermore, men have Viagra and Cialis to enhance their sexual potential while no such drugs are available that ensure a woman's sexual satisfaction.
Sexual Response of a Woman: Understanding the Cycle

As you share the desire to achieve the ultimate satisfaction in bed, there is no such thing as keeping track of the stages of sex. The secrets to female orgasms cannot be revealed by dissecting the many stages of a sexual act.

This means that, you are not supposed to keep tabs of what should happen next and get all ecstatic when you know you have just finished one stage. This does not happen in sex.

During sex, you just keep up with the heat and enjoy every intense feeling that goes with every touch and caress that your partner gives you.

The female sexual response has a cycle and here are the four parts:


This part can open the doors towards the secrets to female orgasms for you. It involves stimulation of the senses that leads to sexual anticipation, wanting and yearning.

Kissing and touching or any form of pleasurable sensual stimuli can excite a woman. The woman's heart beats faster in this stage accompanied by fast breathing.

A woman experiences swelling of her vagina with lubrication from the increased blood supply to this sensitive area. It is the best time to use scented oils and other stimulants that can set the mood for sex.

This may be considered the determinant that reveals the secrets to female orgasms. In this stage, a woman experiences rhythmic contraction of the vagina, anus and stomach.

It is often described as an intense feeling that "rocks her world" which can last from several seconds to minutes or in some instances, even longer. Orgasm is peak of arousal or climax.


This is the final stage or the state of bliss. Everything slowly goes back to normal. That is, the vagina's swelling resolves, the nipples and breasts relax and the breathing and heartbeat normalizes.

It is important to keep in mind that a woman's journey to orgasm is unique and unpredictable. This is the beauty behind the secrets to female orgasms. Everything does not happen in an instant.

She can splurge on the pleasurable sensation for a long time and just savor every moment. She can repeatedly travel from plateau to near orgasm state in her quest for an intense arousal that can lead to a powerful orgasm.  Prolonging the climax can help her achieve a more satisfying experience.

This stage is an extension of the arousal stage where the woman's nipples become erected as the breasts become swollen.

Muscle tension also increases and vaginal lubrication continues.

Secrets to Female Orgasms Revealed

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